Payroll by design

We challenge your current state, define best practice then implement a solution. You get payroll that’s designed for your business.

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Your partner in payroll

Want efficient, compliant payroll that’s cost-effective and low risk? We can get you there. Our years of experience, combined with innovative technology and a fantastic team, let you get on with the business of being in business.



We deep-dive into the current state to expose problems and opportunities. This both reveals hidden problems and informs the design.



We’ll provide a best-practice design and collaborate on a solution that’s tailored to meet your needs.



Systems are configured, processes are embedded and teams are trained to deliver an efficient, accurate and compliant solution.

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Automation and integration

We do payroll, automation and integration really well. Our technology delivers automation that reduces reliance on key people, eliminates duplication and improves accuracy.

We bring your disparate systems together, unifying employee data through integration. This allows you to choose the systems that best fit your business.

This combination of automation and integration drives the processes that underpin best practice.

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User experience

Information owners enter data that is validated at source. Transactions are approved electronically. The result? A great user experience which empowers your team to self-manage and removes the administrative load.

Systems and processes come together to simplify data management, improve quality, and increase employee engagement.

Payroll Outsourcing
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Our payroll managers and support desk provide quality customer service. Leveraging off years of combined expertise, they support you through legislative changes and related system and process updates.

With a presence in Australia and New Zealand, our experts understand the payroll challenges and requirements in both regions.

We build strong relationships with managers and employees. Anyone in your organisation can come to us for guidance. You can rely on us for sound advice and support.

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Across Australia and New Zealand, underpayments are estimated to be in excess of two billion dollars. Non-compliant payroll activity is being increasingly targeted by regulatory bodies. In addition, legislation is constantly changing.

Keeping systems and processes up to date is part of our payroll outsourcing service. We do this by monitoring change, assessing the impact and putting in place controls to maintain compliance.

When it comes to assurance, we’ll work with your chosen auditors or manage the audit process for you. The choice is yours.

The joy of technology

Technology that supports automation, best practice and compliance

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Leave management

Leave is managed entirely online. Managers can easily see who is taking leave and plan accordingly. Entitlements and accruals are available in hours, days and weeks.

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Time is captured directly, via biometrics or through an interface. Payment rules and award interpretation are applied, resulting in accurate payments and granular costing.

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Online forms and workflows

Manual processes are replaced and business workflows automated, improving accuracy, avoiding duplication and ensuring compliance.

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Alerts and reminders

Users are alerted to scheduled tasks, events and follow-up actions, supporting compliance and delivering information to the right people at the right time.

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Tax filing and payments

Tax filing and bank payments are fully automated — and we also take care of payments to third parties.

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We interface with your GL, HR and workforce management systems and provide data feeds to BI.

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We’re here to help. Check out our answers to some commonly asked questions or contact us using the form below.

How do outsourcing and fully managed payroll differ?

Traditional payroll outsourcing focusses on data entry and pay processing. A fully managed service moves the entire function to a trusted partner.

What should I consider when outsourcing payroll?

Find a payroll provider you can trust. Ensure they have the people, processes and technology to pay your staff accurately and on time.

When is the best time to outsource payroll?

If payroll is taking up too much time, you can’t find qualified people and accuracy is questionable, now is the time to outsource.

Is outsourcing payroll to a provider cost-effective?

With the right payroll provider, yes. You’ll reduce reliance on people, gain back time and lower the risk of over or underpaying staff.

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