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Great payroll happens when people, process and technology come together. Done right, the result is efficient, accurate and low-risk payroll. That’s what we do.

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What we do

We’ve spent decades building specialised payroll and self-service applications with a focus on automation. Our technology and fully managed payroll outsourcing service deliver a solution that takes care of the whole payroll operation. You get increased efficiency, reduced risk and lower operating costs.

We live and breathe payroll so you don't have to

Payroll is getting more complicated. It’s time-consuming, costly and requires specialised skills to get right. We partner with Australian and New Zealand organisations with 200+ employees, helping them to transform their payroll from a cost to an asset.

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Just over 9% of payroll managers in Australia and New Zealand are qualified. All of our payroll experts are trained, experienced professionals.

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We work with you to design processes that optimise your business, increase efficiency, reduce risk and support accuracy.

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Our systems interpret payment rules and bring your disparate systems together, ensuring best practice across the wider business.

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Accurate payments and compliance are only possible when people, process and technology work together. We make it happen.


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What our payroll outsourcing service does for your business.

No resource risk

Payroll is a critical part of any organisation. Payroll skills and expertise are hard to find and even harder to build. Our fully managed service eliminates the need to search for and retain quality payroll staff.

Low operating costs

Our systems ensure that information is captured and handled only once. Processes are designed to drive efficiency, reducing time and effort across the business.

Accuracy & compliance

To be compliant you need the right combination of quality data, well-designed processes and qualified people. We create a compliant environment for your organisation.

Better engagement

Employees and managers are empowered to act. Pay on demand and self-service, combined with alerts and insights, mean that great decision-making is possible. Highly engaged teams lead to increased performance and retention.

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Risk Reduction


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